Cool Kinect hack: Controlling Windows 7 [video]

When Microsoft first announced a controller-less interface for their Xbox gaming system, the first thought that crossed everyone's mind was: porn games. Second thought: Minority Report.

Enter Evoluce AG.

Evoluce AG is a company near Munich (Germany, not Delaware) whose groundbreaking work with user interface software technology on multitouch computer screens is remarkable. They have made tremendous strides with the Xbox Kinect and their proprietary 3D depth-sensing tech. Minority Report fans stay tuned, Evoluce promising software is coming "soon."

Warning: Mute this video. The music is mind-numbing

As ITworld blogger Peter Smith aptly points out, 'barely a day goes by that one of the game blogs out there doesn't reveal a new and interesting project cobbled together from Kinect, a PC and possibly any of a number of other controllers or devices.' During the month of March, I'll be rounding up some of the best (or at least interesting) Microsoft Kinect hacks out there.

Do you have a favorite Kinect hack? Tell me about it in the comments.

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