Facebook "likes" decides whether plant lives or dies

"Meet Eater" is a plant with a Facebook account, and when people "like" it, it gets watered. But there can be such a thing as too much love (or like): the plant is already on its third incarnation, the previous two Meet Eaters having died from either under or overwatering.

"Meet Eater relies on its Facebook fans to keep it alive -- the better the quality of conversations and posts left for Meet Eater, the more likely the garden is to respond," University of Queensland, Australia, student Bashkim Isai said in a release. "I am very pleased with the increased number of posts, but it is interesting that since Meet Eater became 'famous' the quality of posts and conversations has decreased," he added. "People used to ask meaningful questions and had great conversations with Meet Eater, but now it seems there are many more generic posts."

Plant on Facebook survives when you 'like' it [cnews]

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