More on the Sony Move; what's inside the wand?

Yesterday I talked about the end user experience of the Sony's motion control system, the Playstation Move. Today I wanted to follow that up with a quick word about what's going inside that strange little wand. Thanks to the mad scientists at iFixIt, we can now see all the parts that are stuffed into a Move Controller. There's quite a bit of tech in there, including a vibration motor (though anyone who has used the thing knows that), an accelerometer of course, the Bluetooth transmitter that talks back to the PS3 mothership, a gyroscope and a digital compass! iFixIt points that that we're getting a lot of tech for $50, even if the price at the register might give you a bit of sticker shock.

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You can read all the details at iFixIt, but the best news to me is that the battery is replaceable. You can open the Move Controller by removing a couple of screws and the battery itself isn't soldered in. We all know that even the best rechargeable batteries loose their umph over time, so it's nice to know that DIYers ought to be able to replace the battery rather than running out to buy a new controller. While we're talking Sony and games, there was a job posting yesterday that stirred up the rumor mill. The site DroidGamer turned up a Sony UK opening for a Senior Server Engineer that lists, under the heading "Highly desirable," "Experience in mobile development, specifically Android is a plus." and "Knowledge/experience of online gaming." A few sites have taken this as more evidence that Sony is working on an Android-based PSP Phone. I'm not so certain. It could just as easily be that they want to make an Android app that allows you to access your Playstation Network friends list or something equally modest in scope. Since the position is for a server engineer and Android is listed under "Highly desireable" and not under "Requirements" I'm not ready to call this a smoking gun yet. When we see them hiring Android talent in a development position, then we can talk.

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