Inside the PlayStation Move

iFixit recently subjected the PlayStation Move game controller to a teardown. Get a peek at its deepest, darkest secrets.

Sony's new Playstation Move controller went on sale this week to apparently sluggish sales. However, the customary autopsy by iFixit shows that, although the Move looks just like a Wii controller with a ping-pong ball attached, it has some great specs inside. Upon unscrewing the device, iFixit found that the LED ball (the orb) on the top is capable of a 24-bit color resolution--that's around 16 million different colors. Also, as the LEDs get warmer, the brightness decreases, which keeps them at not only a good temperature for use, but increases the life of the diodes.

The controller's motherboard also holds the all important accelerometer (a Kionix KXSC4 10227 2410, for those who case about such things) and three-axis Electronic compass alongside a Bluetooth transmitter, nine communication interfaces, seven 16-bit timers and two ACDs to name but a few specifications.

So the controllers contain quite a lot of nice tech, which is what you would expect for the $50 price tag.

Check out the full teardown for more photos and details.

[via: iFixit]

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