Spam wars war

Are we winning or losing the war on spam?

Are we winning or losing the war on spam? Are we just fighting amongst ourselves?

David A. Milman, CEO of Rescuecom and Computerworld blogger , is sure that users are losing the battle against spam in their inboxes. "Typical users waste more time and energy than they should have to on spam; the problem is getting worse, not better," he says.

Milman argues for increased attention to end-user education.

Richi Jennings , an independent analyst/consultant, specializing in email and spam, and a Computerworld blogger, takes a very different perspective. "Sadly, user education is all-but pointless. Decades of trying and failing to educate non-technical users in homes and businesses have proven that," he says.

Nonetheless, Jennings believes inbox experience for the typical user has improved in the last five year. "There's a simple reason for that. Spam filters are much more accurate than they were, and up-to-date filters are more widely deployed," Jennings says.

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