Microsoft to Prosecute More Botnets

Quarantine and tax ideas didn't fly; let's bring in some lawyers.

Just so you know Microsoft won't have to resort to arcane technical solutions to the botnet problem -- the way Facebook did by using obviously futuristic, unobtainable security technology -- Microsoft plans to go to court to stop botnets.

That's instead of taxing or quarantining every one of the machines running its software that was infected and zombiefied into a botnet because of a flaw in code Microsoft produced and patched.

It's good to know even the company with more programming and security resources than almost any other entity on the planet understands the quickest, most efficient way to address the problem of who-knows-who, in who-knows-what legal jurisdiction taking over who-knows-how-many personal computers spread across god-only-knows how many other legal jurisdictions.

Obviously, sometimes it works. Even when it does, though, it sometimes doesn't.

Might as well try the low-yield ways, too, though, if you can't make any progress on the more efficient ones.

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