Yes Xbox 360 bundle, no Wii price cut

No reduced price Wiis for the holidays

Research firm NPD Group's ominous predictions about low holiday spending seem a little more real with the news that we're not getting a Wii price cut. We are, however, getting a decent Xbox 360 bundle.

The NPD Group said that consumers are used to seeing 20-25% price cuts during the holidays each year -- but this year, prices probably won't move more than 5%. Nintendo seems to agree; company president Satoru Iwata told investors not to expect an outright Wii price cut during a meeting following Nintendo's low quarterly results report last week.

Instead of cutting prices, Nintendo plans to focus on bundles or in-store deals to make consumers feel like they're getting a discount -- which appears to be Microsoft's strategy with its newest holiday bundle announcement. The new 250GB console bundle comes with Forza 3 and a token for a full Alan Wake game download for the price of $299.99. All this without Kinect, mind you.

Meanwhile, no word out of Sony about any special PlayStation 3 holiday bundles -- though we are trying to find out through official channels. Only 26 days to go before Black Friday.

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