Coming on Monday: A blowout earnings report from Apple

At least that's what many analysts expect, based on iPad and iPhone sales

This week saw impressive earnings reports from two major technology companies -- Google and Intel.

Two more giants -- Apple and IBM -- will report earnings next Monday, while Yahoo and EMC will announce their earnings on Tuesday.

But the real focus is going to be on Apple. Not only is Apple the largest technology company in the world, it's created a huge buzz this year with the introduction of the iPad tablet.

Heavy sales of the iPad and the iPhone 4 are expected by many analysts to lift Apple's earnings to more than double its net income in last year's fiscal fourth quarter. Consensus forecasts predict Apple earnings of $4.09 per share on sales of $18.9 billion.

Apple's stock price this week topped the $300 mark for the first time.

In some ways the wild card next week will be Yahoo, which is rumored to be the target of a possible acquisition attempt by AOL and some private equity firms. The rumor pushed Yahoo shares (NASDAQ: YHOO) up 12 percent this week over last Friday's close. A disappointing earnings report could let the air out of that balloon.

It should be an interesting week for tech investors.

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