IBM Puts the Clunky in Cloud

20-year Old Lotus Notes Gets Puffy Makeover

Lotus Notes, which even during the '90s was clunky and nostalgic in a bad way got a cloud-computing makeover today.

LotusLive iNotes is the latest in a string of increasingly alarming facelifts foisted on the aging messaging platform by changing technology and IBM's compulsion to not ever give up on or try to convert customers from a product as long as anyone is willing to hang onto it.

The venerable old bird still makes the top-ten email clients lists (at No. 10), with a rousing 1.3%, just behind AppleMail 2, 3 and 4, respectively.

Notes was already available through cloud- and outsourcing providers, but a Web-based email-only version called LotusLive iNotes went online last October for $3.75 per month per user.

The new version, Lotus Live, includes all the calendaring, IM, web conferencing, file sharing and other features of full-bore Notes. The launch ensures continued suffering for employees of giant corporations that consider the ability to build a giant infrastructure more important than the possibility of using it.

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