Gizmodo poll may hint at next mobile OS market share rankings

Popular gadget site asks: 'If you had to get a smartphone today, which would you buy?'

You've probably read some data recently showing the growing popularity of Google's Android mobile OS and its challenge to RIM's BlackBerry and Apple's iPhone. (If not, I write about it here and here.)

Of course, what the data reflects is actual sales over a period of time, either monthly, quarterly or over a half-year period. Tracking recent history is useful for determining trends, but what about now? Where's the smartphone market today, as we await the holiday buying season?

A poll over at popular gadget site Gizmodo may offer some insights. The poll asks readers, "If you had to get a smartphone today, which would you buy?" It then lists 10 specific smartphones as well as an "Other" category from which participants could choose. The results, through nearly 42,000 votes, are:

Various Android phones -- 50.5 percent

iPhone -- 40.4 percent

BlackBerry (Bold and Torch totals combined) -- 3.6 percent

Other -- 5.4 percent

A caveat: Gizmodo's audience skews heavily toward under-35 males, which I think explains the tremendously low percentage for the corporate-market Blackberry, which actually still is the top-selling smartphone (though perhaps not for long). And while women comprise a growing percentage of smartphone users (45 percent), I'm not sure how their (assumed) under-representation affects the numbers.

The latest sales figures show Android phones at 32 percent of the mobile OS market, with RIM at 26 percent and Apple at 25 percent. These Gizmodo poll results indicate the Android craze shows no signs of easing. For both Apple and RIM, that's troubling news.

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