Mystery stealth cloud startup Proferi nabs $6.3 million venture round

Company really wants to make sure you know it's in 'stealth' mode

Here's the headline on the company's venture capital press release: "STEALTH COMPANY PROFERI RAISES $6.3 MILLION IN SERIES A FUNDING"

The stealthy Proferi, based in Redmond City, Calif., actually is a "cloud-based enterprise performance management company." It says so right in the news release announcing its funding round.

In a prepared statement, founder and CEO Christian Gheorghe said, "We’re building a new kind of end-to-end system for developing and running analytical applications."

Then the press release reminds us, "Currently in stealth, PROFERI is developing its next-generation applications in partnership with multiple Fortune 1000 companies."

Always with the stealth.

Gheorghe, by the way, a Romanian entrepreneur, is former chief technology officer and senior vice president at business software giant SAP, his LinkedIn profile informs us.

This round of investing was led by Greylock Partners, joined by Andreessen Horowitz and Dave Duffield, co-founder and co-CEO of Workday and founder and former chairman of PeopleSoft.

Ben Horowitz offers some details of PROFERI's vision in a blog post titled, "Imagining Enterprise Applications in the Cloud". He opens with a lyric by Lil' Wayne, then things get geekier.

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