HP Ships iPad Alternative for $800

First Windows iPad alternative

HP announced today its Slate 500 tablet had finally hit the market, for $799.

HP had intended to release the tablet as a consumer device, but redesigned it as a prosumer/business-user edition after it acquired Palm in April and decided to release a separate unit running the Palm WebOS for consumers.

The 1.5-pound tab runs Windows 7 Professional, supports multitouch and pen input, VPN connections, has a 3-megapixel camera in back and VGA camera in front for videoconferencing, runs on an Intel Atom z540 at 1.68 GHz adn 64GB of solid-state memory

Apple's iPad runs a 1GHz Apple A4 custom chip, ships with up to 64 GB of SS memory, but requires an add-on camera .

Slate is one of the first iPad competitors to ship from a major vendor. Cisco and Lenovo have tabs in the works; Samsung has already shipped a seven-inch unit running Google's Android, which is currently the leading iPad alternative available.

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