Gamestring lets you share your PC games from the cloud

We've talked about 'cloud gaming' a few times in the past, mostly with regards to OnLive or Gaikai (which should be launching soon). Both of those services are interesting but ultimately limit you to the games they decide to offer. What would you think of a game streaming service that let's you control the whole process?

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That, apparently, is exactly what Aftercad's Gamestring Adrenaline allows. Gamestring uses a browser as a client and (as far as I can tell) any PC running the Gamestring software as a server. For instance, their blog has a recent post showing someone using Gamestring to stream World of Warcraft to Google TV (video embedded below). It doesn't have to be Google TV though; Gamestring says you can stream to an iOS or Android device, or to a Windows or Mac computer. Of course in the case of mobile devices there's always the question of how you'll control the game, and that's a question we don't have an answer to yet. So the process is that you connect to the Gamestring servers via whatever device you want to stream to. Once you're logged in there, you pick one of the games you've registered with Gamestring and back in your office your PC fires it up and pretty soon you're playing. (I'm extrapolating most of this from what I've ferreted out on their website; they're taking beta signups now but I haven't actually tried the service.) You can also share a video stream of your gaming session (much like OnLive does). And then there's game sharing. You can share your games so your friends can play them via Gamestring. This could be very, very interesting for users and very, very troubling for publishers. It isn't clear that you can share a particular game with more than one person at a time (I would suspect, at the very least, doing so would require a high-end PC and a fat upload pipe) but even sharing with one person could have publishers dialing up their legal departments. Assuming Aftercad manages to launch without being forced to remove this feature it could give "Hey, you should check out this PC game I just bought!" a whole new meaning. As mentioned, Aftercad is accepting beta signups now and if the timer on the site is accurate they're planning on launching beta in about 11 weeks.

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