Virtualization take-up slowing down

Survey finds companies struggle with some issues

Techworld –

The forward march of virtualization seems to have been unstoppable but new research appears to suggest that take-up could be slowing down.

The survey, carried out by Oliver Wyman on behalf of CA Technologies, has found that companies are scaling back on their virtualization deployments with reasons for the slowdown being concerns over application performance and a lack of sophisticated management tools, problems with memory, lack of available storage and the tendency to throw low-cost server hardware at any given application.

The problem faced by any organizations, said the survey was that after the first wave of server consolidation, virtualization users find that management becomes more complex and other IT costs then have to rise.

Organizations at all maturity levels need a choice of dedicated and integrated management tools, across multiple disciplines, and designed for heterogeneous virtualization environments, to overcome VM stall and accelerate their virtualization deployments," said Andi Mann, vice president of product marketing,virtualization and automation, CA Technologies. "We are uniquely meeting this demand with a choice of virtualization-specific tools for early deployments that extend to integrated physical and virtual tools for more mature production rollouts."

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