Wii Remote fun facts: 65.3 million in North America

Nintendo shot out a press release today with some fun facts about the Wii Remote's sales in North America. Among other tidbits, the pink Wiimote outsold its blue sibling by 2,300.

Nintendo broke down the numbers with these factoids:

  • 46,000 sold a day since the Wii launch
  • 30.41 million included with the Wii hardware
  • 12.92 million sold with Wii Play
  • 18.56 million white versions sold separately
  • 2.44 million black versions sold separately
  • 467,500 pink versions sold separately
  • 465,200 blue versions sold separately
  • 52.9 million Nunchuk controllers sold

Notice the lack of Wii Remote Plus on that list. The increased-sensitivity remote becomes the controller default in all Wii hardware packages and bundles starting November 7, so perhaps we'll see it on Nintendo's next Wii Remote status update.

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