Oracle accepts $120M to drop the juicy part of SAP suit

Jury will still consider copyright infringement, but not fraud.

After all the screaming and name-calling in the weeks leading up to the trial, Oracle just settled the juiciest sounding of the charges for $120 million in lawyer fees.

After all the screaming and ranting that top SAP executives were directly responsible for allegations that a subsidiary tried to lure away customers using illegally downloaded software and brochures, Oracle has agreed not to seek damages for computer fraud.

Specifically, Oracle agreed not to seek damages if SAP would accept the equivalent of a judge's guilty verdict on claims by Oracle that SAP subsidiary TomorrowNow lied to access the code, broke contracts, interfered with Oracle's business, competed unfairly, trespassed and unjustly enriched itself at Oracle's expense.

The trial continues. The jury will decide damages based only on copyright infringement which, to be fair, would probably be a lot more than $120 million if Oracle wins.

The court has to confirm the deal, which does nothing to make CEO Larry Ellison's Saddam Husseinian rants about the unmitigated evil and ultimate depose of his enemies any more credible.

Way to go, Larry.

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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