Facebook to lose advertising VP; no replacement in works

Silicon Valley veteran Mike Murphy says he's ready to shift focus to his family

Via Kara Swisher at All Things Digital comes news that a top Facebook advertising exec is leaving the social networking giant. The executive is VP of Global Sales Mike Murphy, a five-year veteran of Facebook who told Swisher in an interview that it's time to focus more on his family.

Murphy announced his departure to his staff Tuesday morning via email. He'll hang on until December to help the company make a smooth transition, Swisher writes. (Free advice to Murphy: Leave well before Christmas. I'll guarantee your family will appreciate it.) The departing Murphy reported to David Fischer, VP of Advertising and Global Operations, who joined Facebook seven months ago. Murphy told Swisher he has been thinking about leaving the company "for quite some time and I discussed it with David early on." Which makes you wonder why, according to Fischer, Facebook has no plan in motion to replace Murphy. It seems as though he has a fairly important job, leading media strategy and ad sales and all, plus Murphy certainly gave the company enough of a heads-up to start looking for a successor. Unless there's more to the story than meets the eye. I'm not suggesting there is, but c'mon Facebook, it's not like there aren't a lot of available candidates out there. Maybe you should check LinkedIn or something. It took me two minutes to find this guy. Oh, wait.

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