Another stumble for Nokia's N8

Some smartphones not turning on after recharging, defeating purpose of having phone

Sure, your Nokia N8 may not turn on after begin recharged, but what smartphone is perfect? Nokia on Friday revealed that "a small number" of its new N8 handsets are afflicted with this power problem and will be fixed under Nokia warranty rules. (Also see: RIM continues to lose smartphone market share in Q3)

"We've had a lot of positive feedback about the N8," a Nokia spokesperson said. Like, you know, it looks so peaceful there, not turning on and all. OK, that was mean. Seriously, this really isn't the kind of PR Nokia needs for its N8, which already stumbled out of the gate when the Finnish company failed to start shipping the devices over the summer, as promised during the phone's unveiling in April. The N8, powered by Nokia's Symbian 3 mobile OS, finally started leaving factories in late September. By then, of course, the rest of the world -- the U.S. in particular -- was in the grip of Android fever. And the timing for the N8's power glitch is particularly unfortunate, coming as it does on the cusp of the holiday buying season. If you're in a wireless store choosing a smartphone, are you going to go with an iPhone, an Android, a BlackBerry, or a device that might not wake up from its nap? Nokia is stll the global leader in mobile phones and smartphones, but is losing market share to Apple's iPhone and devices running off of Google's Android. Its deteriorating position prompted the company to replace CEO Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo with Microsoft executive Stephen Elop, the first non-Finnish chief executive in the company's history.

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