Microsoft scrambles to reassure people Silverlight isn't dead

It's just really, really sleepy; rally and wake Dec. 2 at PDC

After Microsoft President Bob Muglia let slip the company's strategy had shifted and its Silverlight Flash-alternative was going to be more of an alternative for a Windows phone, not a PC, the dev tool people inside Microsoft had to scramble.

Microsoft is apparently committed to HTML5 in IE and Windows, but never, ever, ever wants to give any developer anywhere the idea that his or her pet application wouldn't be current on Microsoft platforms everywhere forever.

If developers shift from one Microsoft dev tool they might use someone else's, which might not arm-twist them as strongly to develop for Windows or IE, which might not force end users onto Microsoft products that only make sense if you're already using a whole lot of other Microsoft products and, apparently, the whole house of cards will come down if Microsoft doesn't retrench and get developers excited again (for the first time?) about developing for Silverlight.

At Professional Developers Conference in December in Redmond Microsoft will throw an actual rally for Silverlight and a bunch of conferences to teach people why it's not nearly as lame as they thought the four or five times they deleted it after Windows Update insisted on installing it.

So. Silverlight is not dead. But apparently there's no one left outside Redmond who thinks it's worth holding a mirror under its nose to make sure.

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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