Upgrading to Windows 7: Six steps to prepare your apps

As Windows XP slowly dies off and Windows 7 gains more credibility for its security, networking and virtualization features, many businesses are preparing to make the transition as painless and affordable as possible.

Enterprises are not exactly stampeding to Windows 7 upgrades, but more Windows 7 plans are in motion for 2011. A recent Forrester survey of 800 IT decision-makers reveals that 75% of commercial PCs are still running Windows XP - yet 46% of firms plan to migrate to Windows 7 in the next 12 months, and 42% plan to do it in 12 months or more.

A major part of affordably migrating to Windows 7 is preparing business applications for the upgrade. Organizations are using application virtualization to simplify app management and reduce costs. But still, many have no process for preparing applications for a Windows 7 migration in any reliable way, according to a new white paper by application usage management company Flexera Software.

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This story, "Upgrading to Windows 7: Six steps to prepare your apps" was originally published by CIO.

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