Microsoft offers globalization for JavaScript apps

A new open source plugin provides the capability for the jQuery library

Microsoft released late last week a prototype of its jQuery Globalization Plugin for adding globalization to JavaScript applications, a Microsoft official said in a blog post.

The plugin works with the jQuery JavaScript library, which is supported in Microsoft's Visual Studio IDE.

[ InfoWorld's Paul Krill reported last week that in a recent poll of developers and others by the Eclipse Foundation, jQuery was the top-rated framework for rich Internet application development. ]

"This plugin includes globalization information for over 350 cultures ranging from Scottish Gaelic, Frisian, Hungarian, Japanese, to Canadian English.  We will be releasing this plugin to the community as open-source," said Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president in the Microsoft Developer Division, in his blog.

Downloadable from Microsoft's Github repository, the prototype plugin lets developers parse and format numbers, currencies, and dates for different cultures in JavaScript, Guthrie said. The plugin uses language tags defined in the RFC 4646 and 5646 standards to identify cultures.

The download includes a folder called "globinfo," which contains information for each of the 350 cultures.

Persons commenting on Guthrie's blog were mostly positive about the plugin.

"This will definitely save me some time on our next project. Globalization/Localization is a major point in our applications and there was a lack in the availability of appropriate libs on the client-side," said one commenter.

Microsoft recently made available internationalized versions of Visual Studio 2010.

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This story, "Microsoft offers globalization for JavaScript apps" was originally published by InfoWorld.

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