Now the rumors are saying Hulu is coming to the PS3?

Last night Bloomberg posted an article claiming Hulu was coming to the Sony PS3, citing "two people with knowledge of the talks" (between Hulu and Sony), and all the gaming blogs picked it up and ran with it. Hmm, this rumor sounds somehow familiar to me...

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Yeah, it's the Hulu on Xbox rumor all over again, just swapping in the Playstation 3 for the Xbox 360. Remember, the Hulu/Xbox deal that was going to be announced at E3, according to Gear Live's "very reliable source." Well that didn't happen, at least not at E3. The subscription rumor has been floating around for a long while, though we're still within the 'month or two' time frame that Reuters mentioned back on June 10th. Bloomberg says the PS3 announcement might come as early as next week. I'm hesitant to even comment at this point, but next week (the 29th, to be precise) is when Playstation Plus, the Premium Playstation Network membership, goes live. That gives this rumor some level of credibility; Hulu might be part of this roll-out (though I hasten to add that it will still require a separate subscription fee). So who knows? Maybe Hulu is coming to the PS3. Or maybe there's a couple of jokers out there having a laugh as they set out to see how many news outlets they can sell 'Hulu on a game console' rumors to. At this point I'll believe it when I see an official word from Microsoft or Sony. Fool me once...

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