Playstation 3 firmware update coming (very) soon [Update: It's out!]

Sony has updated its Playstation Blog with news of an upcoming firmware update to 3.4. The main focus of the update seems to be preparing the PS3 for the new Playstation Plus service. The blog post says the update is "coming soon" and since Playstation Plus is due to launch tomorrow, June 29th, we can pretty much expect the firmware update to happen very soon indeed. Sometime tomorrow at the latest and perhaps as early as later tonight. [Update: As of 11:45 PM ET, the update is available but not being pushed yet. I was able to manually request an update and got 3.40.]

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The major feature of the update is support for Playstation Plus, but there are some additions to video and photo sharing and tighter integration with Facebook, Picaso and YouTube. One of the oddest new features is a video editor; I'm assuming that more games are going to start supporting video capture in days to come. just seems odd that Sony would think you'd dump external video onto your PS3, rather than a PC, to edit it. Rounding out the features are some new power-saving options. Sony says they're launching a Facebook app at the same time as the firmware update. This app will let you share Playstation Network info with your Facebook friends. Notable by its absence is any mention of Hulu (see Now the rumors are saying Hulu is coming to the PS3? from last week). Sony launches pretty much all of its new features in a single update each week, so if Hulu doesn't suddenly show up tomorrow, it probably won't show up at all this week. Those pesky unnamed sources just can't seem to get it right, can they?

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