Computer science grads ‘most unlikely’ to find work

No wonder IT student numbers keep declining

UK Graduates who studied computer science are the most unlikely to find work, according to official statistics.

Seventeen percent of full time first degree computer science graduates last year were unable to find work. This was above the national average of 10%.

The alarming figure was trailed by communications graduates, of whom 14% were unemployed, according to the higher Education Statistics Agency.

The most successful graduates studied medicine, with zero percent out of work, followed by education, law, biological science , languages and maths.

Universities minister David Willetts told the BBC he had asked higher education institutions to provide "employability statements to help people make the right choice about which course to take".

Of last year's 10,570 computer science graduates, 1,700 are women and 8,856 are men.

Some 1,600 went into transport, storage and communication roles, nine hundred went into wholesale and retail or trade repair, some 645 went into property, some 380 into education, 365 into finance, 265 into education, and 255 into the public sector.

This story, "Computer science grads ‘most unlikely’ to find work" was originally published by Computerworld UK.

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