Google launches new web site for high-speed fiber project

Google quietly launched today a new web site that focuses on its initiative to provide high-speed fiber Internet broadband to some US towns and cities.

Here's the site:

Google announced today that a whopping 1,100 communities responded to its "request for information" and that almost 200,000 individuals responded as well.

Google's new Web" site, called Google Fiber for Communities will keep the public informed about the project, including who is asking for it, who is getting it (not yet, though) and how the projects are doing once they get underway.

So far, the site is pretty minimal, and focuses on a new YouTube video Google created to promote the project and public enthusiasm for it.

The site also has a great FAQ, for anyone interested in details about the initiative.

The site also invites visitors to pressure government for faster Internet connectivity in general. It makes the case that whenever roads are being built, that's a great time to lay high-speed fiber. The site links to places where citizens can show support for both federal and local legislation that benefits high-speed broadband Internet connectivity.

Google says it will announce the winners of this unprecedented "contest" by the end of the year.

More details.

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