Droid X Screen Problems Get a Quick Fix

Verizon and Motorola both acknowledge a flaw in the Droid X smartphone screen and have promised a quick fix.

Some Droid X owners are complaining of faulty screens, and Motorola and Verizon have acknowledged the issue. A small number of Droid X smartphones have been affected by flickering and banding screens. Not only did Verizon speedily recognize the problem, both the cellular provider and Motorola, maker of the Droid X, have already offered a solution.

Approximately "one-tenth of one percent" of Droid X owners have a handset with a buggy screen, reports Engadget. Even though that's a miniscule number that could've been ignored, Verizon issued this statement:

"Verizon Wireless and Motorola are aware of a very small number of DROID X units that have experienced a flickering or banding display. Motorola has resolved the issue and is continuing to ship the phones. Any consumer who experiences a flickering or banding display should contact a Motorola customer support center or Verizon Wireless."

At least not all smartphone manufacturers blame the customer for hardware defects.

This story, "Droid X Screen Problems Get a Quick Fix" was originally published by PCWorld.

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