Would you buy a Boxee Box from this man?

It was way back in December 2009 that we first started hearing about the Boxee Box, a set-top box designed to bring the Boxee experience to your TV. At the time it seemed like a great idea and some of us starting saving our pennies for the D-Link branded, $200 device. It was due in Q2 2010. Then it slipped, with the ship date now sometime in November of this year. But technology never stands still. In December 2009 Google TV was just a whisper of a rumor, but now it's a real product and the Logitech Revue, a Google TV set-top box, should be on store shelves before the Boxee Box. Whether these devices will complement or conflict with each other is still not clear, but physically at least, they'll definitely conflict: how many set-top boxes do you want to hang off your TV?

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So Boxee needs to step things up if it's going to wind up competing with Google. And here's the first volley in their new marketing campaign:

This is Zach Klein, Boxee's Chief Product Officer. He's clearly really excited about the product, but I'm not sure he's conveying why I'd want to buy a Boxee Box. He powers it up for a few seconds, shows a test screen then runs over to set the device down next to a Wheat Thins box so we can get an idea of how big it is, then waxes on about how the fluorescent green underside reflects on any service, as if that's a major selling point. I'll refrain from commenting on the head band though it takes all my willpower to do so. I'm not sure that this kind of hipster-marketing is going to compete well with the Google juggernaut. On the other hand, how could Boxee compete with Google in terms of marketing resources. Maybe this is the kind of fringe marketing that will get them noticed by web users who're impervious to traditional advertising? It feels either really wrong or really right, and I can't decide which. So my question today is, would you buy a Boxee Box from this man?

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