4 Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools keyboard shortcuts

Visual Studio 2010 Power Tools, is a free set of productivity-boosting extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above).

In a recent blog post, Scott Guthrie, a Corporate Vice President in the Microsoft Developer Division, points out 4 "small, but nice, code editor capabilities":


One of the small, but useful, features that I find myself using a lot with the extensions is the "Ctrl + Click” go to definition feature. For those of you who haven’t tried it, it enables you to quickly navigate to the definition of a member or type within your code.

Triple Click

When the “Triple Click” extension is enabled you can now also triple-click on a line to automatically select the entire line

Alt Up/Down Arrow

Simply select either a single line of code, or a block of multiple lines of code, within the editor. Then hold down the "alt" key, and press either the up or down arrow on your keyboard. This will cause the editor to move the selected code up or down within the editor (without you having to copy/paste or move anything around manually)

Column Guides

Column guidelines allow you display a vertical band within the code editor. This is useful to help identify the maximum size a single line of text should be within your code (for example: to avoid wrapping when printing it out).

Check out the full article at the link below for details and screenshots for using each of these features.

Some nice code editor features provided by the VS 2010 Power Tool Extensions [ScottGu's Blog]

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