Saving money with old computer equipment

Reuse, resell, donate.

Wait! Before you recycle those old computers, or otherwise dispose of them, why don't you turn them into savings for your organization.

IT Expert Voice, a website sponsored by Dell that provides business analysis of technical issues, has a practical guide to saving money on the disposal of old computers. The key takeaway: Don't underestimate how much money your organization can save by reusing, donating, or selling your old computer equipment.

Robert Houghton, president of Redemtech, an IT asset management company with a focus on green practices, explains how reusing computer equipment pays off for one big bank:

The 3 R's—reduce, reuse, recycle--is not just a slogan applying to the EPA and upheld by the environmentally minded, says Houghton. "It also makes tremendous financial sense." He points to one of Redemtech's clients, a large bank that has a robust redeployment program cutting across all technology platforms--everything from big servers to PCs to teller equipment to phones. Houghton says that when comparing the amount of deferred procurement against the cost of reusing a refurbished item that the banking company already owns, the ratio is $1 to $14.50. In other words, for every dollar the company spends in new IT equipment, it saves $14.50 in procurement expenses.

Check out the full article at the link below to learn more about IT asset disposition and what you need to consider before you donate or resell old computer equipment.

IT Asset Disposition: Saving Big Bucks by Recycling Old Computer Equipment [IT Expert Voice]

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