How to change your Android phone's timeout settings

You know how sometimes you just want to plug your Android phone into its charger and gaze at its screen for long periods of time without having it go dark? Well, me either. But let's just say you did want to do that.

Computerworld's Android Power blog explains how to instruct your Android Phone not to turn off its display when it's connected to an external power source:

This option's in a slightly obscure place: From your home screen, press your phone's "Menu" key, then select "Settings," "Applications," and "Development." There, you'll see an setting called "Stay Awake." Activating that option will prevent your display from timing out anytime the phone is running on nonbattery power.

Check out the full post at the link below for more on how to change Android's screen timeout settings and other customization options.

Customize Android's screen timeout: Here's how [Computerworld]

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