Id Software's upcoming shooter Rage running on iPhone hardware

Game developer legend John Carmack doesn't spend all his time building rockets these days, as evidenced by a little project he showed off at QuakeCon last week: Id's upcoming game Rage running on an iPhone at 60 frames per second. It's pretty amazing to see.

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And this isn't just for those of you with the latest and greatest hardware. Carmack claims the game will run "great" on your old 2G iPhone. Right now it's just a short tech demo but the important thing is that he has the engine running well, as you can see in the video below. You will note that he stays indoors where view distance is always limited by walls. A lot of Rage takes place out of doors in big environments and it would've been nice to see how the iPhone version works there, but now I'm just being picky. Rage isn't scheduled to ship for another year so there's plenty of time to squeeze even more power out of the iPhone hardware. Carmack said no Android version is planned for "this cycle" but they continue to monitor the Android market and things could change. It's pretty clear that, at least at this point, iOS is the mobile OS of choice for gamers. Maybe that'll change once Adobe Air/Flash support is ubiquitous on Android devices; web based games might be the wedge that opens that door for the Android market. Anyway this is a case where seeing is believing, so rather than me yammer on, why not take a look at the demo that Carmack gave the QuakeCon crowd last week. Carmack says his engine matches anything we saw on the Playstation 2 or original Xbox. Do you agree?

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