NFL live streaming from NBC

The NFL season starts tonight and as for me, I'm watching the game streaming live from Am I late to the party, or is this a first? The stream was very good quality and had a second, Picture-in-Picture window with a user-selectable camera angle. You can choose from Cable (that overhead camera that zooms up and down the field), End Zone, Star (a player close-up) or Sideline. Meanwhile the main window just shows whatever the network is showing, cutting between the above cameras as some producer sees fit. If you like, you can swap things so the smaller window is the network broadcast and the big one is whatever you chose. Very slick.

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During commercials you get a sidebar that shows live stats, or game-related tweets from twitter (you can also reveal this during gameplay if you like). Now all I want to know is, how do I get this rich presentation of the game on my big screen? Google TV, are you listening?

A (downsized) screen cap from the game

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