Enterprise IT gets social at DEMO

If you've ever had the singularly frustrating experience of trying to buy a small component - a PVC cap for example - at a hardware store only to have the clerk stand paging through an enormous catalog looking for the price, you'll understand why General Inspections's L'il Magic is one of my favorite products presented Tuesday at Demo Spring 10.

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L'il Magic is a part identification system for loose components that streamlines the checkout process, provides inventory control, and allows for instant pricing updates. Each characteristic of a part is measured; for every part there is a template and for every template there is a UPC code. A secondary sensor can be added to detect component differences, like chrome plated versus stainless. The fun bit comes when you slide your part down the chute and the price magically appears on the display. No catalog flipping needed.

If nuts and bolts aren't your thing, don't despair. Here's a sampling of the many other noteworthy companies that debuted enterprise technologies at DEMO:

eXaudios Technologies; Ramat-Gan, Israel; www.exaudios.com

You may think your girlfriend doesn't sound terribly upset that you stepped on her cat, but MagInify knows better. The MagInify Call Center software from eXaudios encodes human voice into emotions that can be measured and translated. The display shows the text being spoken alongside the "emotional content." With real-time emotion detection potential problems can be intercepted -- without sending voice recordings outside of the organization. (MagInify won the $1 million dollar prize at DEMO.)

GreenNurture; Tempe, Arizona; www.greennurture.com

If you want your company to go green, you've got to motivate your employees to go green. GreenNurture will help you do just that. It's a SaaS application designed to engage employees in sustainable practices - generate green ideas, take green actions, earn rewards. At the admin level you track your savings and get detailed reports on levels of engagement and buy-in - down to the individual user.

Network Hippo, Inc.; Ottawa, Ontario; www.networkhippo.com

Social networks can be effective if you manage your contacts right. Network Hippo helps you create strong, healthy networks by consolidating contacts from social networking sites and email, sorting them into groups, ranking the importance of each person in your network and sending reminders of when it's time to contact someone. A "library of missions" helps you mobilize your network for causes that matter, giving more purpose to social networking.

Tastr, Inc.; San Diego, California; http://xpenser.com/

Keep receipts out of your wallet; stop doing expense reports. Xpenser is a mobile time, receipt and expense management solution that logs all your expense information in a web application. Send an IM when you start a job and an IM when you stop and Xpenser will track your time. Call and say your expense; Xpenser will capture it. Take a photo of a receipt; Xpenser will capture it. SMS, IM, tweet ... however you want to send the message, Xpsener will capture it.

ZURB; Campbell, California; www.zurb.com

Not sure whether the red button will perform better than the green button? Or whether a user knows what you sell from spending a minute looking at your site? Zurb wants you to stop acting on intuition and act on data. The Verify product that Zurb introduced at DEMO lets you collect and analyze user feedback from your social network on new online products and services before you implement them.

To see videos of all the DEMO presentations, visit http://www.demo.com/

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