Live Spaces, the new House of Spam Target

Can't afford a website? Use Live!

The email was one of twenty I received today, and most of them made it to my junk folder.

This one was typical: Dear Brenda, We used to buy some meds with Mark, those special meds to perform better in bed. We’re not getting younger, you know. However, they were rather expensive. Thanks to my friend we’ve found Canadian Pharmacy with very reasonable prices and great discounts. So it allows us to save on meds. Hugs, Rebecca

was where I was directed. I love it! Live lets you have free spam-target web pages for free! You don't have to go the trouble of getting a weird domain name to drop in as a link in your pharma spam-- just use Microsoft's own Live site! Free! As in Beer!

Please, Microsoft, change the authentication so that your Spaces sites don't get polluted like this. And watch the account a little better, would ya? Thanks.

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