Microsoft SharePoint Bible: Your Complete Guide

SharePoint 2010: The Next Generation

Ten Things You Need to Know About SharePoint Server 2010

Microsoft's SharePoint Server is one of those wildly popular products that defies categorization. It's not easy to pin down because SharePoint focuses on six diverse areas: collaboration, portal, search, enterprise content management, business process management and business intelligence.

SharePoint 2010: Five New and Improved Features

You may not need all the features SharePoint 2010 has to offer, but advances in areas such as social media, offline access and better CRM and ERP integration make it worth a look. Here's a rundown of what's new and/or improved.

First Look: Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Beta

This major upgrade to Microsoft's Web site, intranet, and collaboration platform offers wealth of improvements for end-users, IT professionals, and developers.

SharePoint 2010: A Guide to the Many Versions

In true Microsoft fashion, Redmond will have a whole bunch of versions of SharePoint 2010. Eight so far have been revealed. Here's a breakdown of what each version will include.

Enterprise Adoption

Microsoft SharePoint: Enterprises Get Boost by Integrating Social Tools

More enterprises are seeing the benefits of layering social networking tools into SharePoint. How can you customize SharePoint and make it more social? Two large organizations share tales from the trenches.

Microsoft SharePoint: Three Tips for Making It Behave

Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 debuts in a few months -- but many enterprises still haven't made the most of their current SharePoint implementations. Consider this advice to get a grip on this complex software and the forthcoming upgrade.

How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

A business case for SharePoint should clearly articulate the hard ROI, soft ROI, and the risks that the system will mitigate.

SharePoint 2010 Overkill for Some, Forrester Says

Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 server is growing up, but may include too many capabilities for those users seeking to meet isolated or specific requirements, according to a study by Forrester Research.

SharePoint 2007 Demystified: How to Cash in on Collaboration Tools

Previous versions of Microsoft's collaboration tools lacked management prowess. SharePoint 2007 fixes that problem and packs in a sometimes confusing array of features from workflow to search. Here's how smart IT leaders are making this often-misunderstood product work for them.

SharePoint in the Cloud

Productivity Tools in the Cloud: Real World Best Practices

Moving applications to a cloud service is a disruption to any business, but in Ron Markezich's experience as Microsoft's VP of Online Services, a well executed cloud migration can redefine a company. Here are three best practices he's gleaned from Microsoft's largest BPOS customers, including Coca-Cola and GlaxoSmithKline.

SharePoint 2010: More Cloud-Friendly than Past Versions

SharePoint's many moving pieces have not traditionally fit neatly into the cloud. But SharePoint 2010 addresses that problem -- with three key changes.

Q&A: Inside Microsoft's Cloud Model for Productivity Apps

Corporate VP of Microsoft Online Services Ron Markezich discusses the joys and pitfalls of productivity apps in the cloud, how to mix your own data center with Microsoft's cloud model, and the rising tide of BPOS competitors. Hint: It's not just Google.

Hosted E-mail's a Hit, But How Far Will Microsoft Go with Cloud?

Microsoft won't even use the term software-as-a-service: they say "software plus services." But the king of on-premise software and its customers are taking the plunge into hosted e-mail, with some early successes. As for how far into the cloud Microsoft will crawl with SharePoint, Office and other apps, that's still unclear.

Pricing Information

How to Determine the True Cost of Microsoft SharePoint

A list of the many costs involved in implementing and supporting Microsoft SharePoint, including ones you might never have expected.

How to Build a Business Case For SharePoint

A business case for SharePoint should clearly articulate the hard ROI, soft ROI, and the risks that the system will mitigate.

Microsoft Targets Google Apps, Cuts Exchange, SharePoint Online Prices

Microsoft has cut in half its per user per month list price for Exchange Online services and cut by 33 percent the price of its Business Productivity Online Services suite of online productivity applications.

The Competition

SharePoint: Is Microsoft's Biggest Recent Success At Risk?

Yes, the user base of the collaboration tool is growing, but it might be shelfware whose hold on the enterprise could be threatened by easier-to-use offerings.

Microsoft SharePoint: Three Sleek Social Networking Alternatives

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 promises more enterprise social networking tools, but if you're still questioning the cost and complexity, here's a look at some lean and mean alternatives.

Oracle's Beehive Takes Aim At Microsoft's Sharepoint

Oracle announced enhancements to its Beehive collaboration software as well as steep price cuts as it targets long-established offerings from Microsoft and IBM.

Microsoft Sharepoint vs. Enterprise 2.0 Start-ups: Day of Reckoning Arrives

For several years, Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration software has looked dysfunctional and pricey compared to innovative packages from start-ups. But in a new version en route, Microsoft has improved on some gripes, particularly its social software.

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