Mac OS open source tool: GIFfun for animated GIFs

Mac OS open-source tool provides quick animation for presentations and other uses

Earlier this year, we needed a quick animation for a presentation. GIFfun™ came through for us.

There are, of course, lots of technical alternatives: we could have made something fancy with Flash, PowerPoint has animation effects, SVG boasts such powerful animation capabilities as to initiate flamewars, and so on. Our decision, though, was to hand the whole task over to a junior employee, who, in short order, located GIFfun, installed it on an older MacOS desktop, and quickly prepared a high-resolution animated

that fit in under 300 kilobytes and was just right for our needs. We were happy.

We don't specialize in these kinds of graphics enough to know what competing products are available. We can only report our own experience: we've continued to use GIFfun. It's small, but useful, and open-source. It has worked for us.

During April, we plan to provide a dozen other brief Tips on software or a related system that has done a job for us, and might be useful to you, too. In each case, as it turns out, we have no financial interest in the product and often, as with GIFfun, we didn't even know the publisher before we began our tests.

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