It's time to update your Web Browser

Internet Explorer isn't the only Web browser that's been bedeviled by security problems lately. Firefox has trouble too.

First things first. If you're still using Internet Explorer, stop reading this story and update your Web browser Right Now. But, it's not just IE. Firefox also has a slew of security problems, which need to be addressed.

Internet Explorer, which has been getting slapped silly with security problems lately, received an emergency patch earlier this week. In this latest update, more than two-dozen problems have been fixed for versions of IE ranging from the almost unused IE 5 to the latest and greatest versions of IE 8. What's even more important is that about half of these problems are rated 'critical.'

Indeed, at least some of these holes are already being used in attacks. And, we're not talking just any attacks; we're talking massive assaults on millions of IE 6 and 7 users from at least half-a-dozen different viruses.

Firefox isn't being attacked as much as IE has been lately, but with ten significant problems solved this week in its 3.x lines and not quite as many fixed in the recent Firefox 3.62 release, you should seriously consider upgrading. On the other hand, I can't help but notice that I've been seeing a lot of complaints about problems with 3.62. You may want to wait until Firefox 3.63 shows up and just be extra careful about your Web wandering ways in the meantime.

At the moment, my best advice, especially to Windows users, is to consider moving from IE or Firefox to Google Chrome. Besides being a great Web browser in its own right, Chrome was the one Web browser to come out unscathed by the hackers in the recent Pwn2own contest. 'nuff said.

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