The NFL comes to Verizon's Android phones

If you're a football fan with an Android phone from Verizon, today is a good day. Verizon has secured a four year contract with NFL Mobile, according to Android & Me, and they released an NFL Mobile app onto the Marketplace. Right now they're covering the run-up to the draft, but if you're hungry for some NFL action, there are classic games available for streaming. Last night I was just watching the 2002 AFC Divisional game between Pittsburgh and Tennessee; you get the whole game (complete with commercials for NFL products here and there). The quality was pretty good; a bit of pixelation now and then, and the audio was slightly out of sync with the video, but I really only noticed that while they were interviewing one of the coaches during half time. For all I know, the audio problems happened when the game aired on TV too.

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Once the season starts, the service should get even better. Verizon customers will get access to the NFL Network's RedZone Channel, which shows big plays from all the Sunday afternoon games in real time. Additionally live Sunday Night and Thursday Night games will be on offer. Also promised: audio broadcasts of every game, and fantasy football coverage. Brian Rolapp, the NFL's senior vice president of media strategy, knows you love football:

"Our fans have an insatiable appetite for football, and we will be able to keep them connected wherever they are on game day but also throughout the year." [Source]

You can learn more about the app at Verizon's website, or if you have an Android phone on Verizon's network, search the Market for "NFL Mobile." This is a free app.

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