Do you want a Google TV?

Samsung may be thinking about building Android-based TV sets. Is this a good thing?

I want my GTV. Or do I? Korean electronics giant Samsung is reportedly thinking about building a line of TVs running Google's Android platform, which they're already referring to as Google TVs.

The software would enable consumers to download widgets and use them on the TV set. These software apps would enable people to easily find and watch YouTube videos, monitor the stock market or enjoy other Internet-delivered media.

The report was published in the English-language Korea Herald newspaper.

Does this make sense? Would YOU want a Google TV?

Should Google lead the industry on this, so that you might be one day be able to buy a Windows Mobile TV, a Web OS TV or -- gasp! -- an iPhone TV? Do we want TV sets that are, essentially, Windows PCs with Intel chips in them?

Let's hear your opinion in the comments below.

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