Hack: Overclock Your iPhone or iPod Touch


The processor of the iPhone 3G is 600MHz, and the processor for the iPhone 3GS is 833MHz, but they are underclocked by Apple at 412MHz and 600MHz respectably. But a hacker discovered that you can overclock your iPhone in no time by simply renaming a file.

This hack first surfaced on the Hackulous forums (registration required to view). However, GadgetsDNA has the step-by-step instructions to complete this hack.

Companies regularly underclock products to save energy, reduce heat and to further the life of the processor. Overclocking may increase the operating temperature (because it is harder for a phone to get rid of excessive amounts of heat without a dedicated cooling system) of your device which may result in permanent damage to it.

Similarly, this is why laptops are rarely overclocked, especially without a laptop cooling stand. Overclocking may also decrease your short term battery life due to more energy being used.

Needless to say, this hack will void your warranty, and PCWorld isn't responsible for any damage that may result from you performing this hack. But if you're game, head on over and check out the details.

[Hackulous (registration required) via GadgetsDNA]

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