Roku goes to the fights

Roku announced another addition to its premium channels; this time it's the UFC. The channel is live now (you'll have to add it from Roku's Channel Store before it appears in your main interface) with a selection of archived fights ready for viewing at $1.99 per rental. Renting a fight lets you watch it as often as you like over a 7 day period. In addition to archived events, Roku & UFC will be streaming live fights in HD, with the first being UFC 114: Rampage vs. Evans on Saturday, May 29. If you pre-order access to the fight for $44.99 you'll get free access to preliminary bouts. You also can watch replays of the event for 24 hours after the live airing.

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Another option is the UFC Vault. Membership in the Vaults costs $59.99 for six months and it gives you unlimited access to archived fights, preliminary bouts, UFC All Access and some other benefits. No access to live events though; those remain pay-per-view. Not sure what the UFC is all about? The Beyond The Octagon section offers a selection of free content meant to bring you up to speed. You can check the UFC site for more details on the various options that are available to you, UFC's Roku page to sign up, or visit Roku's UFC page for more info on the media player itself. It's worth noting that $44.99 is the same amount you'd pay to watch the event on your cable provider's Pay Per View system; given the choice between cable and Roku I think most viewers would go with traditional Pay Per View. Roku is a nice alternative for those folks who've cut the cable cord, though. So Roku now has MLB.Com, NBA Game Time and now UFC. When are we going to see some NFL action, Roku!?

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