Woman: 3D TV made me pregnant

"With today's technology, anything is possible," says duped husband

When Erick Jhonson came back home from a long deployment in Iraq to discover his wife was pregnant -- and that the math precluded the possibility that he was the father -- he was understandably upset. She insisted that she hadn't been unfaithful; rather, a 3D pornographic movie was apparently the culprit. Jhonson believed her. "The films in 3D are very real. With today's technology, anything is possible," he said. (Of course, ITwhirled readers are already aware of the dangers of 3D TV.) Read more...

And in news that isn't at all related but somehow should be...

Pubic lice is now available on the Internet

Have you ever wanted to buy pubic lice, for "revenge"? Of course not, because that's disgusting and you have a shred of dignity left. Nevertheless, a British Website has sprung up that will allow you to do so. And you can read more about that here if you so desire.

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