Your Coming Sadness: You're Not Backing Up Your Data

This is a spanking. You're about to lose lots of work. You didn't plan for this, eh?

I recently and informally queried some friends and colleagues. The question: when did you last do a backup? The most recent was three months ago. Who were these people? Civilians. Guys with business cards that had dozens of industry certifications listed on them. CIOs. A CTO. It's dreadful.

There are lots of online backup sites out there. Dropbox. Mozy. More. No one seems to believe that their machine will crash, get stolen, or like me, have a $450 cup of coffee poured on it (that's the replacement cost of the machine I have and am using to write this on).

You forgot. You've been traveling. Life has been busy. The backup drive is too small now. It's easy enough to rebuild. Famous last words.

So your Uncle Tom is warning you: backup your freaking machine. You'll thank me. Then make sure everyone in your first degree of separation has done the same. Tell them about Tom Henderson, who poured a cup of cold coffee into his Macbook Pro. Backup all of the machines, even the kids. Your aging parents. Your brothers and sisters. The clueless neighbor. The clue'd-in neighbor. Make it a movement.

I'll do this again in three months. Maybe. Maybe you'll have had that crying jag that comes after the terror of discovering all your stuff is gone, as in not-backed up.

You're welcome.

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