Future technology today: 7 cool videos

When you think of futuristic tech, spaceships, laser guns and foldable suitcase flying cars immediately spring to mind. So what's out there? Which visionaries will create tomorrow's technology today? Check out these seven videos and enjoy the future.

Flying cars

Probably the most requested future technology is the flying car. Dreams of traffic-free commutes to work and the joys of personal flight combined with a vehicle that can take you to the corner market for some astro beans and space juice (insert your own futuristic grocery here). The Terrafugia Transition is one company's vision to make flying cars a reality.

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Personal Jetpack

Right behind the flying car on the future tech wishlist would be the jetpack. James Bond had one...why can't we? The Martin Aircraft Company is working to bring one to you. Technically, the means of propulsion is not, in fact, jet engines. This is a good thing. Instead, helicopter-like rotors will lift you off the ground to soar among the clouds. Someday.

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Move over, Segway

Honda's U3-X is a personal transport vehicle that is a slick iPad-looking and definitely futuristic looking device. If the Segway is a bicycle, then the U3-X is a skateboard. Useful? Well, Honda seems to think so. I'm not overly convinced. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to get one, in case someone's looking for a birthday gift idea for yours truly...

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Speaking of gift ideas...

Electric cars are all the rage these days, but none of them compare to Tesla Motors' Roadster. 0 to 60mph in 3.9 seconds. Top speed: 125 mph. Range: 245 miles. Excuse me... Prius who? Oh yeah, it also costs just over $100,000. Nice car, though.

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Magnets for movement

Magnemotion, the brainchild of MIT geniuses, develops magnetic levitation technology for personal transport (commuter trains), elevators and extremely precise conveyor equipment. Check out this remarkable video of some extremely cool maglev transports in action.

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Think your iPad is cool?

Microsoft's multi-touch table is pretty common news, but what if you could have a boardroom wall that had the same multi-touch interface? Let Mr. Gates explain:

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3D video games...oh my.

With the emergence of 3D televisions, it should come as no surprise that Sony would utilize this technology for their premiere video game platform, PS3. Obviously, the technology is a year or two away, but this video gives (literally) a glimpse at the future of gaming. Please excuse the geeks.

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