Yahoo signs Zynga deal, expands FarmVille's reach

Yahoo! announced a partnership with Zynga this morning to distribute the casual games developer's products through the Yahoo! global network. This puts FarmVille in front of 600 million people -- compared to the 400 million or so on Facebook.

The deal grants users the ability to play Zynga games through the Homepage, Game, Mail, and Messenger services on Yahoo. Thanks to recent deals with Twitter and Facebook, the Zynga integration also lets users share game updates (e.g. "Andy sent you a cat!") across multiple platforms. Lastly, Zynga gets access to Yahoo's Application Platform in case they ever decide to develop Yahoo-specific games.

Of course with over 35 million players, why would Zynga want to divide up the audience?

This story, "Yahoo signs Zynga deal, expands FarmVille's reach" was originally published by GamePro.

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