Latest dumb Apple tablet debate: What's in a name?

Hey, everybody! We all seem to have come to the collective conclusion/delusion that some flavor of Apple tablet is going to be coming down the pike in the next few months. Many of the features of this tablet have already been hashed out in the press over the past year or so. But now we need to take on that all-important question: What will it be named? Two contenders have emerged over the past few days:

  • In November of 2008, Apple took control of the TabletMac trademark from a company called Axiotron, which converts existing MacBooks into tablets.

  • There's a company named iSlate, which owns the domain and some others like it. The company appears to exist only on paper, and, according to some sleuthing from TechCrunch (which involves, among other things, trademark registration in Trinidad and Tobago), may in fact be a front company for Apple.

So, gentle readers: which of these generic-y Apple tablet names do you find more likely?

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