Still More Android @ CES

Google's scoring like Peyton Manning on a Good Day

Google announces Nexus One, their Android-based mobile phone. HTC, its maker, also is being rumored to be showing their Android-based tablet. AT&T announces several mobiles based on Android to help cannibalize their iPhone sales. Motorola seems to like Android as well. Suddenly, Apple fanbois and fangrrrls are rising in defense of the iStuff, and Apple's iSlate is still vaporstuff. Windows Mobile might or might not arrive and no one seems to really care. Android shoots, Android scores.

Yes, Microsoft's Windows is also appearing here and there on various tablets, especially the pricier ones. Apple is nowhere to be seen, of course. MacOS will only appear on their products, and no others (legally, anyway). Steve Ballmer kicks off the CES with the first of many CES keynotes. He's rumored to be doing various things, but he doesn't have the cache of a Steve Jobs at doing demos. Ballmer needs to appoint his heir-apparent and let that person do the work. Like Jobs, however, personality cult mysteries will continue.

But that speaks of personalities, not the foundation of these devices in terms of operating systems. Without getting 'into bed' with Microsoft, HTC's done an interesting job of getting Android foundations running well-- although HTC isn't Android-exclusive. In my own personal world, my HTC Touch Pro is a brick that now requires recycling or a $75 look-see support charge if I send it postpaid to HTC. It has Windows Mobile on it, which I don't believe is its problem. I had to backgrade to a Treo 650, which is a truly evil Windows Mobile 5-based mindlessly awful 'phone'. I can now consistently crater my Apple MacBook Pro with it-- the only app I've known to have that distinction. Sorry for the rant. Back to CES.

The next installment pertains to storage updates, then onto the show, which starts tomorrow (January 7th).

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