Android The Hammer

Let's break a few business models

The rumors are that Google will release a phone called the Nexus. Trademark litigation over its name will likely be pre-settled. Once released, a Nexus phone might break several business models:

Nail #1

You can buy the phone, ostensibly made by HTC, either by itself for a high price ($530 is a number bandied about) or with a T-Mobile contract. T-Mobile is the only major carrier without its own cool 'logo' phone if you forget about the Android-based G1 and others. The GSM network that T-Mobile has may or may not melt down with a high adoption rate of the Nexus. Unlike others, it's not captive at release to a single, 'good-buddy' carrier. Droid? iPhone? Not.

Nail #2

It comes out of the box with an in-place applications delivery and developer ecosystem, and can use software built for other Android phones. Unlike others, the software developer network isn't captive specifically to one phone model/brand.

Nail #3

Although T-Mobile ostensibly becomes the first carrier to be used with the Nexus, it's not captive to it. You could use AT&T. Hmmmm.

Nail #4

Where you can find it, data connectivity-- the elusive 'wireless broadband' is available for the phone for tethering to another device very easily. Other popular phones may either have tethering deactivated (requiring 'jailbreaking') or require varying software loads to get going. Not with the Nexus; several apps connect/tether it quickly. That's if you can get a GSM data network.

Nail #5

Carrier-delivered media must deal with the Nexus, like other 'indy' phones, directly to and with the user. Will Google offer its own entertainment and social network offerings? I'm certain there's a bundle, unless Google is asleep at the wheel-- which happens rarely. There is no iTunes, but perhaps some other eager media vendors have been paying attention. We'll see. Will Apple be unhappy? Unlikely. Apple never cries.

The number of Android devices grows, it becomes (with Linux underneath) the appliance operating system to beat. B&N's eBook Reader, phones, where will it be found next?

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