Device won't let you lose your phone

Plus, it's a panic button and speakerphone. Who says innovation is dead?

A startup called ZOMM plans to unveil and accept an award for a new cell phone peripheral device at CES. The gadget performs several welcome tasks.

The ZOMM hangs on your keychain, and is about the size of a short stack of poker chips. If it's separated from your phone, an alarm sounds to prevent you from losing or forgetting to bring your phone.

It also functions as a call notification system. If someone calls, it sounds an alert and vibrates.

A "panic alarm" lets you call 911 with the push of one button.

It's also a portable speakerphone. When someone calls, just press the button, and talk to the ZOMM.

The ZOMM seems like it would work best for women who carry their cell phones in purses, or anyone who carries a cell phone somewhere besides a pocket. The "panic alarm" and speakerphone features enable use of the phone without fishing for the handset.

The ZOMM is rechargeable, and it lasts three days on a charge.

ZOMM will accept an award at CES for "The Best of Innovations" and become available in the second quarter of 2010, according to the company, at a yet-undisclosed price.


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