Apple rumormongers no longer interested in stellar Mac sales

So an analyst (whose numbers are always to be questioned, etc.) has come out with some possible numbers for the previous quarter's Mac sales, and they're pretty good, if you consider "record breaking" to be pretty good. Apple beat its own previous Mac sales, and, perhaps it goes without saying, beat the rest of the industry.

The numbers themselves aren't the most interesting things about this -- after all, Apple's beat the rest of the industry for 20 of the last 21 quarters. Rather, I'm intrigued by the muted reaction from the Apple rumor-y press. Though I may be proved wrong by the time you click on these links, venerable institutions like Apple Insider and Mac Rumors seem uninterested in this good Apple news, focusing on the future tablet and competition for the iPhone.

There's a couple of interesting possible reasons for this. On the one hand, it may be that the Apple community has grown up, or at least grown more confident in the survival of the company and the growth of what I still think of as its core product. Back when the Mac was fighting for its survival, it really was news when it had a good sales quarter. But it's also possible that Macs are, while surely vital to the company's present and future, kind of boring at this point. With iPhones and iPods being so darn profitable, is their point to sell more Macs, or do Macs now drive sales of these other gadgets? With other segments more fluid, maybe Macs just don't put excite anymore.

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